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    You can escape the daily stress in our sauna, steam bath, solarium and the quiet areas. In our quiet room you surely can find relaxation. Furthermore, we offer massage application according to your preferences.

    Finnish sauna + steam bath

    Our Finnish sauna has got a temperature of 85°C and a humidity of 10-30%. This combination has a strengthening effect on your immune, heart & circulatory system.

    The temperature of the steam bath varies between pleasant 40-55°C and has an activating effect on your skin. By this the pores are opened and the cell regeneration is activated.


    A solarium is not only given you a suntan but also new energy. After a visit to our saune area you will feel enlivened, strengthened and regenerated.

    You should not miss that.


    (Bookable 7 days a week)

    We offer you different massage applications in our wellness area. The prices are in accordance with current tariffs (subject to change) :


    • Leg massage
        20 min.     € 25,00
    • Hot Stone
        60 min.     € 25,00
    • Head and nack masssage
        20 min.     € 25,00
    • Back and neck massage
        20 min.     € 25,00
    • Whole-body relaxmassage
        60 min.     € 67,00
    • Ayurvedic massage
        60 min.     € 73,00
    • Lomi Lomi nui massage
        60 min.     € 79.00

    Our sauna area is open from Monday to Sundays from 4:00-10:00 pm . (Changes to the opening hours reserved)

    Update: 3. August 2018 / kn