The Seehof Schwammenauel can look back on an eventful history. At this point we would like to list some of the important stations for you:

  • 02.05.193402.05.1934

    Laying of the foundation stone for the first construction phase of the Rursee dam
  • 29.06.193829.06.1938

    Inauguration of the first construction phase of the dam, construction period: 1934 - 1938, dam height: 56m
  • 19381938

    Request for participation of the Schleiden district in a "Hotel Restaurant Concept Seehof" by the chairman of the Schwammenauel water cooperative, Dr. Jarres to District Administrator Dr. Schramm.
  • 01.04.193801.04.1938

    Resolution of the Heimbach council meeting for the participation of the community in a GmbH for the establishment and management of a restaurant.
  • 19381938

    First tenant Franz Josef Neuss from Heimbach, lease contract between Kermeter-Seen GmbH and the Neuss couple.
  • 24.10.194724.10.1947

    Decision to restart operation after the war and new lease to Karl Arens.
  • 09.01.194809.01.1948

    Allocation of the restaurant to the innkeeper Karl Arens in agreement with the Kermeter-Seen GmbH by the mayor of Heimbach.
  • 30.04.195630.04.1956

    Start of the 2nd construction phase of the dam.
  • 02.05.195902.05.1959

    Inauguration of the second construction phase of the Schwammenauel dam. Implementation of the construction work by the AG Schwammenauel dam. Dam height: 72m
  • 1958-19601958-1960

    Working on the new Seehotel Schwammenauel.
  • 19601960

    Moved to the new Seehof. Owner: Kermeter-Seen GmbH (water association). First owner: W. Borchardt GmbH, Berlin. Summer and winter restaurant, outside terrace, meeting room, suite for Franz Josef Strauss, parking spaces for 1000 cars and 150 coaches.
  • 19761976

    Borchardt terminates the lease.
  • 19771977

    Purchase of the Seehof from the water association by the innkeeper Günter Kemper from Düren. Sewerage Schwammenauel-Hasenfeld, water organ, fairytale forest, mini golf course.
  • 20062006

    The innkeeper Günter Kemper stops working at the Seehof.
  • 20062006

    The Heuken couple bought the dilapidated building and started planning a total renovation and modernization.
  • 2007-20092007-2009

    Dismantling down to the foundation walls, renovation and modernization
  • 2007-20092007-2009

    Dismantling down to the foundation walls, renovation and modernization Dismantling down to the foundation walls, renovation and modernization
  • 20092009

    Opening of the hotel restaurant "DER SEEHOF"