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    The Seehof Schwammenauel has a long lively past. kann auf eine bewegte Geschichte zurückblicken. At this point we would like to list some of the important events:

    2nd May 1934 Laying of the first stone for the first construction phase of the dam wall of the Rursee.
    29th June 1938 Inauguration of the 1st dam wall,  construction period: 1934 – 1938, dam height: 56m
    At the beginning 1938 Request for partnership of the district Schleiden regarding “Hotel Restaurant Conzept Seehof” from the chairman of the Water Companionship Schwammeinauel, Dr. Jarres to Landrat Dr. Schramm.
    01st April 1938 Resolution of the Heimbacher Council for the contribution of the community at a limited company for the foundation and direction of a restaurant.
    In the middle of 1938 First tenant Franz Josef Neuss from Heimbach, lease contract between the Kermeter-Seen GmbH and the married couple Neuss.
    24th October 1947 Decision of reopening ofter the war and new leasing to Karl Arens.
    09th January 1948 Allotment of the restaurant to the innkeeper Karl Arens with the agreement of the Kermeter-Seen GmbH by the mayor from aus Heimbach.
    30th April 1956 Start of the 2nd construction phase of the dam wall.
    02. Mai 1959 Inaufuration of the 2nd construction phase of the dam wall Schwammenauel. Conduct of the construction measures by the AG Talsperre Schwammenauel. Dam height: 72m
    1958 until the beginning of 1960 Operations at the new Seehotel Schwammenauel.
    July 1960 Move into the new Seehof. Owner: Kermeter-Seen GmbH (water board). First owner: Company W. Borchardt GmbH, Berlin. Summer and winter restaurant, outside terrace, conference room, suite for Franz Josef Strauss, parking area for 1000 cars und 150 choaches.
    1976 Company Borchardt terminated the lease agreement.
    May 1977 Purchase of the “Seehof” from the water board by the innkeeper Günter Kemper from Düren. Sewerage Schwammenauel-Hasenfeld, musical fountain, fairytale forest, minigolf course.
    October 2006 The innkeeper Günter Kemper ceased his activities at the Seehof.
    End of 2006 Purchase of the ailing building by the married couple heuken and the beginning of the planning for a toal refurbishment and modernisation.
    2007-2009 Partial demolation to the foundation walls, refurbishment and modernisation.
    April 2009 Opening of the hotel restaurant “DER SEEHOF”
    Update: 12. February 2019 / Schmitz