13. January 2020

Rursee Bahn (Train)

SEASON START 03/27/2021 Since 2015, the RURSEE-BAHN – also knwo as ‘Bimmelbahn’ –  has closed the gap in public transport between Heimbach and the pier of […]
13. January 2020

Charging station for electric cars

You will find an electric-charging station of the latest generation in the parking lot in front of the hotel. Youn can conveniently charge and pay at […]
17. February 2019

Electric charging station

An electric charging station of the lastest generation can be found in the parking lot in front of the hotel.  
11. March 2017

Rursee in Flames 2022

You should save as well this day: “Rursee in Flames” takes place from the 21. to 24. July 2022. There are concerts, events and markets in […]
7. March 2017

Rursee Shipping

SEASON START 03/27/2021 Treat yourself to a boat trip on the Rursee with the Rursee Shipping over one or more lakes of the Eifel lake district […]