13. January 2020

Rursee Bahn (Train)

SEASON START 03/27/2021 Since 2015, the RURSEE-BAHN – also knwo as ‘Bimmelbahn’ –  has closed the gap in public transport between Heimbach and the pier of […]
13. January 2020

Charging station for electric cars

You will find an electric-charging station of the latest generation in the parking lot in front of the hotel. Youn can conveniently charge and pay at […]
11. March 2017

Restaurant with a view

Let yourself be guided by your senses and emback on a culinary journey of discovery! Style, tradition an hospitality. That are the ingredients of our exclusive […]
7. March 2017

Rursee Shipping

SEASON START 03/27/2021 Treat yourself to a boat trip on the Rursee with the Rursee Shipping over one or more lakes of the Eifel lake district […]