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  • Rursee Bahn (Train)

    SEASON START 03/27/2021

    Since 2015, the RURSEE-BAHN – also knwo as ‘Bimmelbahn’ –  has closed the gap in public transport between Heimbach and the pier of the Rursee-Schifffahrt in Schwammenauel. With a total of seven stops and a journey time of just under an hour, it is possible to elegantly get to the touristic places of interest. The tour takes you trough Hasenfeld, Heimbach, past the reservoir and the restored art nouveau power station.

    Boarding and alighting is possible at any stop. Theres is also a train connection to the Rurtalbahn, which in turn arrives at Düren station. Long journey, for example from Netherlands or Belgium, are possible with public transport.

    Maps and information are available on phone +49 2446 479 or www.rurseeschifffahrt.de